Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Wireless Philly

Some time ago I heard about the City of Brotherly Love going wireless (www.wirelessphiladelphia.net) - WiFi to some, WAN-WiFi to others, and pretty damn tough to beat in my book. On PBS's "The News Hour with Jim Lehrer," they ran a profile tonight about the launch. In addition, it featured a housing project where a teenage Muslim girl had learned to tear down and build computers, and how now her friends and family come to her as the expert - shawl and all. It also showed other kids in the projects learning networking (the hard wired kind) and software.

Pretty great stuff.

Interestingly, the ISPs are against this movement, one verizon villain arguing that, "The government regulates us, taxes us and now they want to compete against us, and we think that's unfair."

Ha! Now THAT'S rich.

Further, Congress now has a ban on cities enabling wireless ... or so I understand it. If I'm wrong, please correct a mundo me.

Last, here in LA, Joseph Loeb started Breakaway Technologies long before any digital initiatives. He correctly sensed that the so-called "digital divide" was a crucial one. His story is a great one, but I'll leave it to you to fish for it. Breakaway can be found at: www.breakaway.org