Sunday, November 13, 2005

A Tale of Two Paris Burnings: Yeah, that's Racist

While some dark-skinned peeps in France are fed up with France and vice versa, let's talk about closer to home.

While for the most part discussions about racism involve consious (and sometimes unconscious) acts against disenfranchised groups, defacto racism is virtually never discussed.

Case in point: Paris Hilton.

A car driven by her boyfriend of the month hits and runs with her in it. Later, the LAPD detain them, and let them go. On tape, Paris - out of her car and no doubt exercising her "communication skills" - can be heard as she walks away, "We love the police."

The LAPD - LAPD! - let them go.

Let's be frank: If that's a car full of average black or brown folks, it's hurtin' time.

By letting these (white) folks go, after an alleged FELONY, that's inverse racism.

Hey Aaron McGruder - HOLLA ATCHA BOY!!!