Thursday, November 24, 2005

Homage to Largo's Mitote: The Greatest Restaurant in the World

Since this is Thanksgiving and for us here in the States it's all about pigging out on food and watching sports and then waking up Friday and spending money we don't have while the vast majority of the people in the world are struggling or just plain jacked, I thought I'd do my part while writing a four line sentence.

So this is about food. The greatest food I've ever had.

Those who know me know that for me Mexican food is a religion. And Largo's Mitote was nirvana.

Largo's has a special significance in my life; my mom and dad frequented the fledgling Largo's when it began on the east side of Atlantic Boulevard, in the heart of East LA. That original location was right next to a used car lot, Atlantic Motors, which was run by my friend Rene Gastelum's family.

Largo's then moved almost directly across the street and stayed there until some brilliant community minded person turned it into a used car lot. About forty years of history, not to mention the greatest food I've ever had, gone.

Luckily, my daughter remembers going there as a kid...