Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Bad Dude: Stuart Hall

One of the few people that left a lasting impression on me during my mis-education was Brotha Stuart Hall. His, "The Determinations of News Photographs," should be required reading for those who want to go beyond the catch-all, "It's the media...."

...the media ignores the real issues with which black people must contend. This is because the media, on the whole, naturally gravitate to the liberal middle-ground: they find conflict and oppression - the real conditions of black existence - difficult and awkward. They tend to redefine all problems as failures in communication.

Stuart Hall's achievement lies in the rational intensity he brought to the 1970's race-media debate. His politically potent arguments are just as central to our contemporary media concerns - from press freedom and the role of class, power, and institutional racism to the most intricate questions of minority images and employment in the press and journalism schools to mass communications studies and media ethics. Today, with mounting criticism of negative black images and under-representation in the media, Hall's brilliant analysis helps us to understand why colour-coded newsrooms and views of modern society must be changed.

There's plenty of him on the web, so Google him. If you're interested in mass- media communications, hegemony, race... you are in for a treat.