Thursday, November 24, 2005

Progressive Companies: Google

I watched a short hiring video from Google, and one of the things that stuck out was how progressive a culture it was. For a mega-corp, of course.

One employee remarked that, after stints at big corporate affairs like IBM, she was amazed at the speed of Google. She then described how, if someone had an idea at "Big Wig Company," it took 6 months to travel up to the mucky mucks, and then another 6 to travel back down to the grunts.

But at Google, if someone has a good idea and it catches fire, it can be acted upon within a matter of weeks, if not days.

Last, employees are allowed to devote 20% of their time (it may be more!) to developing their own projects, and employees also gather in groups to develop their own ideas which can then be implemented within the company at large.

That's bottom up management and flat(ter) organization. That's progressive.