Saturday, January 06, 2007

Lou Breakin' it Down

Lou: One of the things that's going on in this country is that there is an effort from both the left and the right, partisan republican and democrat, to obfuscate the reality. These are people who want you to talk about gay marriage, gun control, abortion, "under god" in the pledge of allegiance, the burning of the flag...

Charlie: think that the politicians are using those issues to distract...

Lou: To distract, to divide, to push a wedge, between the reality that we need to influence and the issues that are on one end abstract and on the other not my business.

"Our political system is dominated by corporate America. The midterm elections that we've just completed cost an estimated 2.6 billion dollars. TWO POINT SIX BILLION DOLLARS, nearly all of that money provided by corporate America."

"Let's leave the Constitutional authority where it rests and that's with the House of Representatives."

"Corporate America now has the largest share of our national income since World War II and our working men and women have the smallest share..."

"...half the (individual) bankruptcies in this country are caused by medical catastrophe... overwhelming medical bills. The 2005 bankruptcy bill was not influenced by corporate America, it was written by credit card companies. We've reached that sad a state."

"Forty years ago, there was something like 68 lobbyists in Washington D.C. Today there are 34 thousand."

--Lou Dobbs

These quotes alone are enough to get someone shot by the crazies in power these days.

The Ken Auleta piece is a prelude. There are some points that I take issue with Lou on, but in terms of mass media, Lou is spittin' knowledge like no one else save for maybe Olberman.

Pay attention to his take on the left, right, liberal/conservative distractions to the REAL issues facing us.

Keep goin' Lou.

Segment 1: Journalist Ken Auletta talks about his recent profile of Lou Dobbs in The New Yorker.

Segment 2: Lou Dobbs, host of "Lou Dobbs Tonight" and author of "War on the Middle Class".