Monday, January 15, 2007

Un Chien Angeleno

"Fish" and I went to LACMA Saturday and caught the much hyped up Magritte show.

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The show itself was ok, but not nearly as good as the Magritte retrospective at the Hammer a few years back. LACMA clearly has a much larger marketing budget than the Hammer had, as evidenced by the ancillary stuff, like this archway reverse silhouette of the famous bowler/Magritte figure:

The exhibit itself was designed by Baldessari and I was curious to see what that would be like, but it was namby pamby stuff like clouds on the carpet and a ceiling scape of (the LA?) freeway labyrinth.

With that, I will say that it's always a great experience to see certain works up close. Magritte is far from my favorite painter, much less Surrealist - I find him too facile. But he does have his points; paintings like, "Empire of Lights," and "Domain of Arnhem," and "The Lovers," are pretty cool.

Then we walked - quickly - through their French/Italian collection and were bored out of our minds. On to some Picasso drawings and more boredom.

Afterward we went to the modern collection and while I couldn't snap pics in the exhibits I snuck one of this piece, one of my faves by one of my faves...


Fish had these VIP tix so we felt really important - no lines, no messin' with the little peeps. Oh, much like the Xmas party at the LA Country Club - which I WILL post about - all of the attendants were mud peeps. And, in true form, LACMA made them all wear bowlers! Couldn't snap any pics of them but if I go back, which I doubt, I'll try.

Yeah, that's VIP ya punk azzes.