Thursday, December 28, 2006

Stay Outta da Bushes!!!

I don't know when it became de rigueur to shave the fro below, but it wasn't in the 80's - all you youngins just take my word for it.

Someone sent me a link to Clitical so me bein' the Innocent Lamb and all, I just HAD to look. Which then led to Feather Touch.

Somehow the 90's produced a bit of sanity, but I don't know where it started. Maybe being the porn cap of the world, the Valley* had something to do with it.

Whatever, lawn-mowing was here to stay - THANK GOD. Ladies, you just don't understand the true meaning and depth of the phrase, "carpet munchin'," unless yer a lesbo then god bless.

Somewhere in the mid-90's I met one of the few howlee gals I've been involved with. More a curiosity thing than anything else. Anyway, I'd be lyin' if I said that it was her bush that killed it but...


That first time I was stunned - In the semi-dark her kooch looked like a tumbleweed.

Remember, this was the mid 90's. I'd had earlier gfs that shaved.

Then there's man-scaping. Is that gay or something?** Damn.

* The San Fernando Valley, a vast nether region/cultural wasteland, otherwise known as "lil podunk," cause while it's close enough to LA it's even more provincially vapid (if that can be said of an LA suburb) than LA.

** This is all old old old to Stern's fans. Shit, even ARTIE manscapes.