Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Razzing the Death Star

When it comes to hubris, if Goldman Sachs were a porn star and everyone else had a 10 inch weenie, Goldman would somehow have a 2 footer. And no, they wouldn't care what women had to say.

Said hubris is usually -- when it's called at all -- associated with Goldman's penchant for fixing games, lying and all around corruption when it comes to bets. In his notorious Wall Street memoir, Liar's Poker, Michael Lewis said of Salomon Brothers, his old firm and the head of the snake that would become the mortgage backed securities game, that you never wanted to be on the other side of the bet with them. And if Salomon was Darth Vader, Goldman is surely the Death Star.

But here's an aspect of the Goldman Death Star -- the kind, warm den on a cool autumn afternoon Goldman. You know, snuggly and fuzzy, in a Death Star kinda way. Take a look at their ad banner below; the black man as the object of Goldman Death Star affection and the way Goldman is touted as a catalyst for communities. (!!!)  That would be even more hilarious were it not running against the stark irony reality check of the story headline. Let the community support -- and eye rolling

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