Sunday, July 24, 2011

The Death Stars

I didn't get to finish this, it has some more work but I've lost interest. Still it shows what one can do while listening to interviews with the Net, Photoshop fired up, and a healthy dose of Travis Bickle revenge toward the Evil Empire.

To borrow Joe Nocera's & Bethany McLean's title, All The Devils are Here. Well, 32 of them. Next up, all of the hack msm journalists and analysts who got EM08 completely wrong, and in some cases, insisted things were ok leading up to the fall of '08. In fact, I know someone in real estate 10 months ago who is still drinking bubble flavored kool aid, trying to convince peeps the market bottomed and it was a good time to buy. I checked his ass so hard he acted like Jack Tatum hit him. Then, only a month ago he wrote to tell me (and others) yet again, that real estate was a good move.

That after almost a year of deleveraging and way more to go, plus all of the uncertainty and mess around mortgage gate, not to mention no one's talking about the disaster CRE is, with over a trillion there waiting to jack us into Judgement Day. Ah, como es la guerra.

What I tell peeps is that while there have been empires past, because of the limitations in technology, they were bound to colonies. But in the EM08 world, we have the first true world empire, and its madness has infected everyone; this is why what's happening in the EU has huge consequences everywhere else. And, we have some of the walking puss sacks below to thank, many paid by you. How's that for bending us over twice?  Here then are the biggest thugs in history, the Death Star's Hitmen and the Dark Side's agents. 

Some of these are easy, but without cheating, I bet you can't name all of them.