Friday, May 13, 2011

Killer Nanny

I'm a Comcast Ho. Yeah, AND...?
Straight out of the opening of Blue Velvet's weird bugs underneath the white picket fence crawls Stepford Wife in her wildest dreams Meredith Atwell Baker, although one imagines the wildest this puss gets is sneaking squirts from the Reddi Whip can at midnight. It's all over the news about how she sold out her FCC commmish position to Comcast and is now -- in the finest aping of Phil "the walking hemorrhoid" Gramm -- leaving the FCC to join -- ta da -- Comcast.

As we know from EM08, such conflicts of interest are nothing new, the so-called "revolving door" between uncle scam's chamber of horrors bureaucracy and the corporate boardrooms of hell where creepy old men take 3 hour strip club lunches and jack their jollies as they dream of new ways to rape and pillage. You know, like the scorpion said about it being "his nature"....

But while Philly Gramm's joining UBS barely tweaked the msm in terms of conflicts of interest, somehow even the HuffPo has run Baker's story fairly prominently. In fact, my in box had several messages screaming about this.

So what can we expect out of this ink? Vegas is putting the line at "blah blah blah"; there'll be some minor talk from the msm and of course unc scam. Just as with all of the hot gas when unc scam "investigated" EM08 (the FCIC). That's about it.

As Gerald Celente would say, What [do they think I am], a child?

And now this; evidently, unc scam really really really cares about your safety, America's safety, and white picket fences. Because the threat of online poker, well, that's a cancer eating away at our soft underbelly. And let's face it, we're light years ahead in the soft underbelly race.

It's like these jerkoff politicians that are "tough on crime" to the tune of seven million prisoners, the most in history, are way more concerned with maintaining the public threats as black and brown kids and online poker. Meanwhile, Wall Street, big oil, big auto, big healthcare, big agri, big insurance, big defense... all step up like clockwork and take their welfare checks without the aid of guns or violence.

But I'd be remiss if I didn't mention the irony of it all. The poli-hos evidently feel perfectly fine with having lotteries -- a bigger sucker bet than 3 card monte. "Let's see, let's take out poker, a  game with strategy and put in a game with no strategy and statistical odds that are tantamount to zero."

"Batshit crazy" doesn't even come close to describing what's going on. "Pathological" and  "sociopathic" are in there for sure.