Monday, December 31, 2007

Sour Shoes

It's about time I wrote about Mikey DelCampo, aka, Sour Shoes, a Stern misfit. Unlike the Wack Pack, SS is talented and has a sense of pop history. I listened to his recent holiday show and broke out laughing so many times and had a smile on my mug I'm glad I was working alone. He's been a contributor to the Stern Show for a long time, but was only given his Sirius show fairly recently.

I don't suffer entertainers easily - I walk out on movies all the time. Folks, I listened to his show four times!!!

It's weird to describe what SS does - basically he can play classic rock/pop at the drop of a hat, some impressions, and some wacky voices. For me it's a combination of his deep play list, chops, cultural references, and manic delivery. He edits on the fly - one sec he's riffing on Alan Parsons, and all of a sudden Marv Albert is calling play by play, then without missing a beat Parsons is back. And he does it all impromptu, because callers make their requests and he just goes. In fact, the holiday show he produced had a girl call in who somehow had knowledge of an old 70's kids show, "New Zoo Revue." And he riffed on it!

The guy's also kind of a maniac; he's 30+, lives with his parents and is practically a virgin. No wonder he's got so many skills. But what's super funny is he'll call the Stern Show which airs at 7am EST and be wailing away, and Howard, Artie or Fred will just crack up and say, "Can you imagine what his parents must be thinking, listening to this ruckus this early in the morning?"

Seriously, the dude has issues; Stern said that SS used to follow him around NYC while he was doing his business, until one day he had to read him the riot act. Thankfully, SS continued to call in, evidently, constantly.

His Scotty Ferrall is indistinguishable from the real Ferrall. The guy is so entertaining, and kudos to Stern for giving him his show. Personally, I think he should just have Sour Shoes in the studio, kind of like what talk shows do with a band.