Thursday, December 13, 2007


Short one here on Nuno - saw an exhibit on them and was impressed. In a documentary on the company, it showed the meticulous, artisanly approach combined with an (apparently) old school Japanese mentality.

One sterling example of the above; two lil obasans take a long sheet of white fabric (silk?) and spread it on the ground, laying it over a large press type contraption. They take a bucket of nails and pour them out over the fabric, take another sheet of fabric, lay it over the nails, then lock the whole thing down in the press contraption. Next, they take a water hose and wet the entire thing.

When they come back (some days later?) the fabric's dry, and they unlock the press. As they pull the fabric up, we see the method to the madness's fruits: a beautiful abstract pattern of rusted nails.

It somehow seems to me to be a cool blend of old school ways meeting modern design.

nuno exhibit