Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Pee Pee Be Gone Sustainably

Damn! Falcon Urinals rock da Palladium!

Some of you know about my interest in sustainability/green/community etc topics. They kind of mesh at some point with the bigger picture as everything does, but sweet virgin mother, I never thought it'd be pee pee I'd be writing about!

Truth of the matter is that I've been wanting to write about this for a while as "my" building where I do time on the plantation of the evil empire is fitted with Falcon Waterfree Technologies urinals. Suh-weeet!

The first time I wizzed in one of these babies I was like, "duh," cuz there's no flush handle. And I remember reading the Falcon label; "Falcon Waterfree Technologies," and thinking, "...?" What threw me off even more is that there's a snake inlet for plumbers nearby, so I even tried pushing that to no avail of course.

(Notice the snake inlets nearby?)

These things don't flush. Cause they don't use water. At all. Period.

No, instead Falcon does a filter and different kind of trap thing technology as opposed to the standard "s trap." Yeah, I know a thing or two about plumbing that's utterly useless when trying to impress broads - except when ya gotta fix something and be macho man with tools and they turn into the helpless damsel. In a French maid outfit. With stiletto heels. But I digress.

I'll post pics of our state of the art in pee pee stalls soon - those aren't exactly the kind of pics you obtain easily, if ya know what I mean. But then again, if ya don't ya betta axe sumbuddy. Note: Falcon's world hqs are here in LA. Yippee.

(Falcon orgy)

Falcon. Conjures up majestic images of a razor sharp predator, on the prowl for...


What does a falcon have to do with pee pee...? I dunno. I mean, look at their logo; is poor Mr. Falcon's head just peeking out above an ocean of pee pee?