Monday, April 04, 2011

From the Vaults: Korean History Channel

Many moons ago I was researching a bunch of AA stand ups and discovered something; there are some really talented brothers out there. In fact, Fish and I saw Dr. Ken before he broke and we both knew he had it but wondered if the machine was ready or willing to give him a shot.

Now in the Internet era there are some pretty creative AA kids. Bart and Joe are two of them, under the moniker, "Just Kidding Films" on YouTube. This one's kinda long but like most, yours truly included, editing is one of the flaws in their game. Still, the bright spots are what to look for, and the thing to look for here in this first vid is the Korean soap parody.

As a viewer put it: with a seashell cover her nipperl I was like wow you a beautiper...

They're still rough around the edges but you can see they have talent. Anyway, a while back I think it was Renee that first turned me on to them and showed me this next one; I 'bout shit my pants laughing.