Thursday, March 24, 2011

Funny Hurt

Sarah's story was from the 3/10/11 show @ 2:13:15

Sarah Silverman was recently on the Stern Show and said something really funny but so on point. The setup was, as usual the way Stern can make the mundane interesting and/or entertaining, and in this case, he and Sarah were riffing on being sick. What Sarah says about her experience illustrates the relationship between big American style medicine and corporate payola.

Howard: When you get on that path of antibiotics, you're ruined.

Sarah: I think you're right.

Howard: Think I'm right, I know I'm right. Have your cold, go through it for a few days. Rest up, your body needs some rest, and you'll come back stronger. This is the first cold I've had in two years, because I don't take antibiotics.

Robin: Remember the good old days when people had colds and they just took care of them?

Howard: Yeah, they died!

Sarah: I went to the doctor and he goes, "I'm going to give you anitbiotics." I go, "Are you gonna give me Biaxin?" He goes, "Yeah, how'd you know?"

I go, "Cause you have a Biaxin notepad, Biaxin pen, a Biaxin calendar..."