Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Art of the Steal

[NOTE: Spoiler Alert]
By today's standards, an estimated $25-$30 billion art theft seems ho-hum quaint next to a Bernie Madoff ($50+ billion), let alone uncle scam's historic TARP+ at some $14 trillion theft to the pig banks.(*) However, what cuts the theft of Dr. Albert C. Barnes' foundation from the same notorious cloth is the fabric of war woven by the eCON elites upon a man's vision, his will and those entrusted to protect his estate.

Thanks to the diligence of filmmaker Don Argott and his team, this war story now makes it to the screen and hopefully to a wide consciousness. The sheer outrageousness, the hubris of the eCONs is something to behold. It's like being a silent witness to the ouster of Native Americans from Georgia; you watch them trudge off on the Trail of Tears while white men swoop in behind them and plunder the land for gold. All with the blessing of President Jackson and wrapped in the arms of uncle scam's flag.

It is no less in principle with the Barnes Foundation. With the Philadelphia apparatchiks - both state and local - and the judiciary doing the strongarm stuff at the behest of very powerful commercial interests such as the Pew Trust - the hunters circle the bison then wipe them out. Once again and in clinical fashion and gory details, we see the myth of "inefficient government" being blown to bits.

Stories like the fate of the Barnes Foundation are particularly poignant in the midst of EM08 to the point where they no longer function as metaphor or allegory, but as corollary - just as the Madoff case. Sadly, the looting of Dr. Barne's school and the rape of his will is nothing less than perfect harmony to the ultra-violence being done via EM08.

It really is an excellent movie, if you've the stomach for it.

Painting by Giorgio de Chirico, portrait of Dr. Albert C. Barnes

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* I say "TARP+" because the money stolen from innocent people and given to the pig banks is far beyond TARP itself, which was about $750 billion. To wit, see Nomi Prins:

Even worse, no one in congress has said ANYTHING about the CRAs and the conflict of interest relationship with the pig banks at the heart of EM08, regulating the shadow derivatives market that Brooksley Born warned about before being silenced by the three headed hydra of Greenspan, Rubin & Summers and last but not least, separating the investment and commercial banking interests a'la Glass-Steagall before Phil Gramm led the charge to decimate it via the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, with the backing of shitheads like Jamie Dimon coach Sandy Weill and even foreign banks like UBS. In an astounding coincidence, Gramm now helps run UBS's investment banking division. Small world, eh?