Friday, February 26, 2010

EM08 Mythbuster: Inefficient Government

A quick point and then back to our movies. Hey, it's Friday night and man does not live by EM08 doom and gloom alone.

I've been hearing so much talk about the inefficiencies of our government, whether because of partisanship, size or systemic failures such as super-majority voting and filibustering. I've even had some acquaintances display their disgust at our big lumbering government that can't seem to get off of its own tail, let alone do something for us.

Here's my take; uncle scam's super efficient, in fact, astoundingly so. Consider the biggest socialist welfare theft in history, aka, TARP, which was passed in a matter of weeks, EVEN IN THE FACE OF BEING INITIALLY SHOT DOWN BY CONGRESS PREVIOUSLY DUE TO PUBLIC DEMAND.

uncle scam to congress: "SCREW PUBLIC DEMAND!"

Oh no, our government works WAY too well, those who think otherwise are just looking through the wrong end of the telescope.

If you think this argument's a bit too facile, I suggest you familiarize yourself with the way taxes really work in uncle scam's system. You don't have to read the bazillion page tax code either, just check out the great David Cay Johnston.

Suggestion before watching; wrap your head tight with some ace bandages, because if you're normal, it'll explode and make a mess.

Image by Mike Licht, who ran it here in a very good article here on something that, as a sports fan, I feel passionate about; the business of sports and its intersection with the political economy. David Cay Johnston himself exposes the way sports owners exploit public money for their own financial benefit, George dumbya Bush, ex-Texas Rangers owner, being one of them.