Friday, January 29, 2010

Legends of Laughter: The Yoshida Sisters Lose It!

As further proof that historical memory is foggy at best, I think given the fact we're talking '89 and I'm an old fart now gives me at least a .300 batting average, considering the following.

So, I got a lot of mail about my post on Ma, and while it was straight from the heart, it was her sad, melancholy boy writing - which is fine, but there was a real reason I made Ma's love of laughter the major portion of her homage. One thing for sure that I would bet the house on; Ma would NOT want anyone moping around feeling sad because she'd gone on. She'd appreciate that there would be a few tears, but at the end of the day she'd want everyone to remember how fun she was and laugh!

Today, Renee, Deb and I were going through Ma's stuff, and of course it was a walk down memory lane. If not for the frequent stops reminiscing, we might have finished, but oh well, it's all good as the youngins say.

So, we kept sloggin' on. And then, BAM! The motherlode...

Here's the setup; I was right about the pics of the Yoshida sisters cracking up being from the '89 Visalia Imoto/Yoshida Reunion. What I got wrong:

1. The Yoshida BROTHERS - Uncle George and Bert - were in it as well.
2. Auntie Rosie/Ross is conspicuously absent. Maybe she knew how crazy her sisters were, and she, being the kind of lady who knew how to comport herself, bowed out... I'm KIDDING, of course.

So here's the setup in pic one, where everyone seems fairly together...


...and then, this is obviously after the fuse had been lit and the bomb exploded...


I'll let you savor this a bit. Anyone who knows the Yoshida sisters, I defy you to not smile or just plain crack up at this. Aside from Ma losing it, falling on her knees and Auntie Kathy looking like she's tending to her, it was Auntie Francis who was doubled over, not Auntie May, who looks like she's about to anyway.

What also cracks me up is the way Uncle George, Uncle Bert and Auntie Nellie, the elders, are relatively stoic. I think that's Joey's kid Zack frame left.

Now, curiously, the second pic must have been from a different setup (but within a near time frame) because they're standing in a different sequence. Because of that, I have a strong feeling that there are several other pics from this "sitting" that are missing. Anyone have some more of these...? If so, PLEASE let me know. That aside, this has to go down as my all time favorite and is my nomination to be the first in the Yoshida Hall of Fame.

What a classic - and Ma of course leading the way - I can hear her now!