Thursday, March 01, 2007

La Cebolla: Norah Jones Releases Debut Album For Third Time

La Cebolla is funny. Consistently funny, as in, "Thousands More Dead in Continuing Iraq Victory: America marks three and a half years of winning in Iraq, and nearly 3,000 victory deaths" funny. I love the fact that they've skewered the latest queen of sleep, Norah "zzz" Jones. Jesus, her and that other annoying snore fest Corinne Bailey Rae ought to team up and put each other to sleep. I'm also annoyed that both of them happen to be the kind of sistas that howlees love to fall over themselves about.

Norah Jones Releases Debut Album For Third Time

March 1, 2007 | Issue 43•09

NEW YORK—With critics hailing its sound as "reminiscent of a young Norah Jones," Norah Jones' third album, Not Too Late, features the singer-songwriter performing mellow, acoustic pop songs with soul and country-pop tones.

"This third album is a great first effort," said Billboard columnist Emmanuel Stevens, adding that he looks forward to watching someone with such raw potential mature as an artist. "Hopefully, she won't suffer from a sophomore slump seven albums from now."

In the weeks since this year's Grammy Awards show, many fans have expressed outrage in online forums that Jones was "snubbed yet again" in the Best New Artist award, which she hasn't won since 2003.