Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Colonize This

Just a quickie on this APA gal who works nearby at a restaurant. She's really good looking - and knows it. She feigns modesty and, during discussion, I asked if she partook of a particular "delicacy" native to her heritage. She screwed up her mug and said no, and that she didn't speak her "mother tongue" either - but I didn't ask. She then went on to say, with conviction, that she grew up around whites and, get this - "in a lot of ways, I identify more strongly with whites..."

I happened to be in the company of one of my co-workers - who is white - and smiled as if I had received that comment in the way that she meant it. My co-worker, btw, didn't bat an eyelash at that remark...

Now here's the rub: That was last week, and after a few more visits, she somehow knows that I see through her. Although I've never said a word, am always pleasant and smile at her. However, inside, I'm all, "Tsssssssssss." LOL.