Wednesday, December 14, 2005

"Responsibility" with no Repurcussions

Bush Jr. says that as president, he's "responsible" for making the decision to invade Iraq.

Wait a second.

If I am a suspect in a crime, and I admit to being responsible, aren't there then repurcussions?

Some would argue that his approval rating is his penalty. Whoopee doo.

He's a lame duck, and he and his administration simultaneously thumb their noses at us and, secretly laugh, have disdain for our popularity polls. He says that he wants to go down in history as a great president. Joe Biden, a guy I used to sorta respect, goes on Charlie Rose and said that he hopes Duhbya turns out to be a great president because it's in the interest of the country.


In fact, I think it can be persuasively argued the complete opposite, because then maybe (enough) people will wake up!

But then again, so much crap has gone down and nothing has stirred beyond a threshold yet...