Thursday, December 15, 2005

In Homage: KOAM & Gang - A Fan's Appreciation

I've been watching Howard Stern and posse for over 20 years. I began listening - regularly - for about 10 years, and now we're on the horizon of a new dawn, because tomorrow marks the end of an era: Howard Stern, the King of All Media, makes his historic move to Sirius, and with it, closes a chapter on one of the most remarkable careers in ANY medium.

This week was nostalgic: KC came back yesterday and Jackie came back today. The walk down memory lane was really something... you think back to all those mornings when you didn't want to wake up, drag your ass out of bed... and then you'd put the show on, and one minute it's the Wack Pack, the next it's a leader of the KKK, the next Jose Canseco's talking about players he's juiced - and naming names!!! - the next Howard and Gary are fighting, REALLY going at it, for 15 or 20 minutes, and the bottom line is it's all compelling and super entertaining.

There's a famous commercial that KLSX in LA used to run - and I assume Inifinity ran it nationwide - where the announcer would say that the average Howard Stern fan listens for 2 hours. The reason? They want to see what happens next.

Today, late in the second to the last day on terrestrial radio, they played the "What a Wonderful Guy" parody song based on Pops' rendition of "What a Wonderful World." Robin, Gary, Artie... all had stanzas. And there I was sitting at a desk, overlooking the Pacific, and I'm getting ... choked up. MAN!!!

It's hard to convey to non-fans what this show means to me and millions of others familiar with the gang.

This is one fan's heartfelt appreciation.

Howard and gang - thanks for all the times when you brought life into drudgery, and light into the darkness that is the everyday workplace we working stiffs inhabit. You exist for us, not the hoity toity. I can't even convey how many times I've looked up at fellow workers and watched them while they toiled, while you and the gang were there inside my head, entertaining me to bits.

That is priceless stuff.

Some - perhaps many - of my relatives and friends will question this post. Even with my heartfelt sentiments. That's okay, because this isn't about them.

Tomorrow the terrestrial door closes, and the one on the final frontier opens - what a fitting metaphor. And I'm sure greater times await, but oh man, what memories we have.

One never forgets the skies of one's youth...

See you on the other side, Howard. And Robin, and Gary, and Artie, and Fred, and Benjy, and Scott the Engineer, and Blue Iris, and BEETLEJUICE, and High pitch, and ...