Tuesday, December 15, 2015

99 Homes: Carver Spells it Out

Andrew Garfileld's Dennis Nash having a while ago shook hands with the devil, has just bought back his family home from Michael Shannon's Nick Carver, who agented the eviction. That's a bit of pat irony, but I understand the license I'll take for the diegesis that follows at about 53:40, where Nash has been working for Carver and working up the nerve to agent his first eviction. All emphasis added.

CARVER: There's evictions today. You can pop your cherry with this one. First one's a bitch but, you catch on to it.. All you gotta do is stand next to me today, but after this you're going to do them on your own.

NASH: Listen Rick, I don't, um… could I uh, could I…

C: Go fuck yourself? Yeah. What'd you think it was gonna mean working for me?

N: Well I just thought that, maybe…

C: NO you didn't. You didn't think you didn’t have the guts to ask me either. Nobody does. Because who in their right mind wouldn't rather put someone in a home than drag 'em out of it?

Up until three years ago I was a regular old real estate agent, puttin' people in homes, speculatin' on property, that was my job. Now in 2006 Robert and Julia Tanner borrowed $30,000 to put an enclosed patio on their home that they had somehow managed to live without for 25 years. Why don't you ask them about that when they're spittin' in your face while you walk 'em t o the curb? Why don't you ask the bank what the hell they were thinking giving these people an adjustable rate mortgage? And then you can go to the government, and ask them why they lifted every regulation and sat there like a retarded step-child. You, Tanner, banks, Washington, every other homeowner and investor, from here to China, turned my life into evictions.

I'm not a, an aristocrat. I wasn't born into this, my Daddy was a roofer, okay? I grew up on construction sites watching him bust his ass until he fell off of a townhouse one day. A lifetime of insurance payments and they dropped him before he could buy a wheelchair, but only after they got him hooked on painkillers. Now, do you think I”m gonna let that happen to me?

Do you think America 2010 gives a flying rat's ass about Carver or Nash? Uh uh.

America doesn't bail out the losers America was built by bailing out winners. By rigging a nation, of the winners, for the winners, by the winners.

You go to church Nash?

N: Sure

C: Only one in a hundred's gonna get on that ark son. And every other poor soul's gonna drown. I'm not gonna drown.