Saturday, August 04, 2012

Some of Them

The recent broohaha over Chick fil A's (about as lame a name as ever for just as lame chicken) president (in poetic irony, dude's name is "Cathy") coming out against gay marriage has kicked off a bit of a dust up with even some mayors coming out punitively, others -- most notably Bloomberg -- saying that it would set a bad precedent for NYC to boycott.

As much as I support gay marriage I think Bloomberg's right. Let the friggin market decide. It's like the tbtf banks; they jack over the entire world, but if peeps are too stupid to divest from them, well, then they deserve what they get.

In fairness, our school system and mass media ain't helping the masses one bit and if I had to say whose side they aid and abet -- regardless of whether or not they have consciously decided to -- it'd be the evil empire's side. Let's face it; young couples are walking around with a kid in the stroller and one in the oven amid the most historic economic crisis in history. I know who they are, the Cal post-grad students thinking they're invulnerable, still armed with pieces of plastic handed out by the very drug dealing cartel that was in action when I was in school. Only now, they're far larger, more highly conglomerated, and their fangs drip with bloodlust out in the open.

And the argument -- "some of them" -- comes into play in both the tbtf banks and the Chick fil A weirdo. "Not all white people...." "Not all cops...." "Not all men...." "Not all priests...." so therefore, some of them....

All groups do it. When the Latasha Harlins case went down, I said -- immediately -- that the Korean community should denounce Soon Ja Du. I also had no problem at all with saying to anyone that would listen that if we're going to go kill anyone, it shouldn't have been Saddam but that asshat in North Korea who terrorized and murdered millions.

Why is that so hard? It's what truly mystifies me about Jews who, despite a bounty of information on what's going on, continue to support Israel's systematic visciousness. And too, despite the work and protestations of Jews like Anna Balthzar and of course, Chomsky.

Malcolm famously said that a white girl once asked him what she could do to combat racism, and he said "Nothing." He later said that he regretted that and went on to say that what white people should do is help other white people see the way that they are the beneficiaries of racism.

I think that's right.

No group is as guilty as us Americans. All it takes is one look at the murderers row of reprobates we have in Congress who've managed -- mis-managed -- this country down the tubes and safeguarded all the resources for their masters. I think it was the no bs talkin' Gerald Celente who said, "Ever notice that despite Democrats or Republicans in office, things continue on the same way?"

Oh, hold on. Some of the Democrats and Republicans.