Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I don't care what anyone says, I dig Mike Francesa; I think his commentary on sports are right on and he brings that New York directness I love.

The following two interviews show the game behind the game, in this case, illuminating all of the hoopla around Jeremy Lin. Because what most fans aren't aware of is that for many fans in the Tri-State area, they haven't been able to catch Knicks games because Time Warner and Madison Square Garden Media are in a contract war. And they have been evidently for quite some time. Credit Francesa here for being a bulldog, for instance at about 14:30 in the interview with Eric Mangan of Time Warner. Here again is an instance where sports are a vehicle for talking about other things, in this case, big money, big media and big capital interests.

Stick around for Aasif Mandvi's funny Daily Show skit. I don't have the time or energy to do the conversion, so these files are embedded. I suppose when WFAN's (Francesa's radio station) and The Daily Show's links goes dead you can find them on Youtube.

Eric Mangan, TW New York

Mike Bair, President of MSG Media

The Daily Show did a great skit on this. Olivia Munn would have been the babe to handle this, IF she were still at TDS, but Aasif is a funny dude. However, they never mention MSG and instead make out Time Warner as the bad guy.
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