Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cuts for Cooky: Amalia Rodrigues, Mariza, Cristina Branco

I've a work in progress on Occupy, but it'll have to wait, as it's way too involved. I've a lot to say, as befits me prolix.

But one of the weird things about EM08 is the far reach, indeed, infecting virtually all corners of the world. I heard an interview today with a Portuguese man, and he was very angry yet plaintive about the state of things, as Portugal's just one more in the line of suckers with Greece, Italy, France and Spain who were looted by Goldman and the rest of the American thugs. The interviewer said that the situation looked grim, and the man verbally shrugged; "that's why we have fado."

I thought it was an artistic answer.

First up, the doyenne, the late Amalia Rodrigues, then the beautiful Mariza, and, in one of my favorite kind of formats, Cristina Branco in an informal chamber setting; a living room. She kills it.