Monday, February 14, 2011

Cuts for Cooky: Esperanza Spalding

Every once in a while I come across a young artist that really brings it. Just today I was checking out Olly Moss' graphic art and plan on hittin' it with a piece, he's that good, as in a Saul Bass heir. This piece, however, is about a musician.

Esperanza is so self-possessed it's a marvel. Jesus I've been in college and wondered how in the hell those kids even got in. Home-schooled, vibrant, articulate, smart as a whip, she's a triple + threat; bass, voice and pen. And at age 28 or so, along with Christian Scott, is one of the youngins devoting herself to jazz! For all of the ragging I do on kids these days, Esperanza -- as befits her name -- gives us old farts hope.

There's tons of her performance stuff out, but I'm posting these interviews because I think it's important for Renee to hear Esperanza talk about her life.