Saturday, December 05, 2009

Cada de Lastima! Eh, You Thought!

As a kid I made my ma's head explode so many times, not the least of which when I was sent to continuation school, the notorious Vail Continuation. Aye, Madre de Dios, the stories I could tell. Okay, not a story, but here's one memory.

Vail was practically all guys, and the few chicks were scags. So when I got there, I of course do the typical scoping out, and couldn't help but notice Huera; she was really pretty, and not just in relation to the scags. But the thing is, she was a Chola, and I mean with a capital "C" as in plucked eyebrows penciled in, teased hair y todo.

So I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post this because it's too funny. Here's an Asian/Latina homey who's from the bay area but seems to know a lot about East Los, Gloria Nava, aka, Baby Smiley.

Aye te wacho, putas!