Friday, October 23, 2009

Unnatural Selection

Shame on us.

The BBC, at:

US bank failures hit 100 for year

The number of US bank failures this year has hit 100 after US federal regulators shut down the Florida-based Partners Bank.

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), which controls the banking sector, has taken over the bank that held $68.7m (£42.1m) in assets.

More US banks have now failed this year than in any year since 1992.

The number is expected to rise as banks continue to suffer from the bad loans that precipitated the financial crisis.

[Remember, the mortgage crisis is FAR from over.]

Savers' money is not in danger, as the FDIC, which is backed by the US government, insures deposits at failed banks for up to $250,000 per account.

Many of the banks that have failed have been small community banks, which were badly hit when loans to individuals and small businesses were not repaid after the onset of the crisis.

[BAH! Who gives a flyin' crap about "small community banks"???? I mean, seriously, kids don't go to Wharton to work at "Podunk Community Bank" or, gasp & god above forbid, a credit union!!!]

These were primarily deposit-taking banks, rather than investment banks that deal in complicated derivative products.

But these investment banks have also been hit hard, with the most high profile victim being Lehman Brothers, which collapsed in September last year.

[Yeah, how convenient - for Goldman-Sachs...]

Another of Wall Street's most famous banks, Merrill Lynch, was saved from collapse when it was bought out by Bank of America at the beginning of this year.

[Yeah, Ken Lewis was thrilled about that. here's a CNN headline from 8/30:

Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis to retire
Beleaguered chief executive Ken Lewis to leave after tumultuous tenure. Bank under fire for its merger with Merrill Lynch last year.

Wonder if the BBC called Kenny boy on this...

And to think: The government cares only about these shitheads, who in turn obviously don't care about us. So if the twist on the syllogism holds, the government therefore doesn't care about us, either. What a shock.]