Friday, December 12, 2008

"You have no choice, you have owners," said George Carlin

When Carlin died I said that I'd write more, and boy has that time arrived. GC's probably waggin' his (no doubt middle) finger at us now.

His last HBO special was uncommon, even for Carlin. For one, he just appeared old, but man, he was as razor sharp as ever. I think he shot it just six months before dying.

It's a fitting last special for him. Now, I love Carlin as much as anyone, but even I, the king of miserable, was floored by this film. It isn't even comedy anymore, it's commentary. I tell folks that are like me disgusted about the current state of the world that they must see it. It's like he doesn't even give a flying fuck anymore and just lets loose, speaking the truth about these devils running amok. It is one of the most fearless displays by a performer I've ever seen. I can almost hear him saying to himself, "What the fuck, I'm an old man, what are they gonna do, kill me???"

He was, and is, priceless. And how we need his vitriol now. Although not from the aforementioned last film of his, following is a sample of a really good rant that might as well be. It's that great.