Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Mitch Mitchell, R.I.P.

As the Boomers grow old, we're now seeing people that made their mark from that era dying off. Mitch Mitchell was one of them.

I love drums, the rhythm and heart of music, and among musicians, Mitchell was respected. Unlike Experience bassist Noel Redding, Jimi would continue to use Mitch once that band had ended. He played with Jimi at Woodstock, and with Billy Cox replacing Redding, a later incarnation of the power trio. I don't know much more about his personal life save for what's in his Wiki, which says that he began acting, was self-taught and then took a few drum lessons at Jim Marshall's. (he of the legendary Marshall amps, used almost exclusively by Jimi and tons of other guitarists) He made a career for himself drumming sessions, playing in a few bands, was influenced by the great Elvin Jones, and then received a fateful call up from Chas Chandler that would forever cement his place in rock history.

I love Mitch's playing, which some critique as too busy. I don't agree, and certainly Jimi didn't. He seemed like a cool dude; it's a shame that creative people like Mitch (he was only 61) who bring so much enjoyment to the world die when devils are running amok.

Play it, Mitch!