Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Nunna daul Isunyi, or, Gould is God

Nova, the long-running PBS series, is running Judgement Day, a fantastic doc on the controversial Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District case. Not only is the doc well-produced, but I think it clearly illustrates the war of ideas at work in my country and how that penetrates to the very bedrock.

Let's be dead honest about it folks, "my" country is, after all, founded upon the principles of greed, genocide and theft.

Outside of superior technology (and the will to use it), Christianity was a pillar in the preamble to slaughter and re-construction via indoctrination. Easy enough to see.

With that bit of a preamble of itself out of the way, it's weird to think that we're coming up on the two year anniversary of this case. It drives home my point about how this fundamental war is indicative of tectonic shifts now, hundreds of years after the establishment of the colonies.

On a personal note, I've raised my daughter to be analytical about everything, from the schools she attends to the kind of music she consumes. To do any less is, methinks, a crime, because to not be so is to be lazy. It also makes one a doormat. And I'll be damned if my daughter's gonna drink the Kool Aid of American-easy-living-through-not-worrying. Or, like crazy liberals, worrying about the wrong things, or even the right things, but doing stupid crap in the name of good causes. Fuck that.

I say this in light of encouraging discussions we've been having about the church. Renee's a teen now, and she's coming of age.

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