Sunday, September 02, 2007

The Bad and the Beautiful

A while back I wrote about how while Les Paul performed accessible pop music, his genius was apparent to musicians and engineers. But believe it or not, there's another dimension, a "secret level," if you will, that is the infinite world of music.

The popular thing to say is that if America has given the world one truly original thing, it's jazz.

This then is jazz at it's most sublime, musician's music, if you will that has its lay following but is truly appreciated when one has at least a working knowledge of music, instrumental technique, history, and just plain creativity in their spirit. And among the many regrets of my life, there are a few jewels; one of them is having seen Tony Williams perform several times, a few of them at very small clubs, before his tragic death.

More, I have to say here once and for all that I think it says a lot about our world when mediocrity trumps true spirit and artistry just because it has a big marketing budget.

I'll write more later, but for now, enjoy Mr. Ron Carter (on upright), Mr. Wayne Shorter (on tenor), Mr. Herbie Hancock (piano), Mr. Tony Williams (probably still a teen or early twenties here!!! God, what a life...), and the one and only Mr. Badazz himself.