Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Devil's Rejects

The LA Archdiocese settled a record case of molestation; $660 mil.

Thoughts & tidbits:

-I love legal parlance that, in one word - "settled," glosses over decades of terror.

-The defendants' lawyers will receive 40%.

-Pig Mahoney settled the very day before jury selection was to take place.

-Pig Mahoney said that he was "beginning to understand..." the magnitude of suffering, etc. Huh??? I thought as a high priest muckety muck that was the very foundation of his faith; empathy. But it takes a road leading to half a bil for his high holiness to "begin" to understand. Right.

-The Chicago newspaper otherwise masquerading as the LA Times reported that the archdiocese would have to sell off some of their real estate holdings and I guess liquidate some of their no doubt expansive portfolio in order to make payment. Boo fuckin' hoo.

-I came up in a heavily steeped catholic environment and love it when these holy rollers are exposed as the sick fuck hypocrites they are.

-I wonder what the Holy Ghost thinks of this...?