Saturday, June 30, 2007

What We Do is Secret

A year and a half ago I covered the Germs show and have been waiting for the Darby bio pic since. So it was I took Cooky to see WHAT WE DO IS SECRET.

It also happened to be the first flick seen at the newly opened Landmark Theaters, and Mark Cuban did it right. These things are nice.

So our annual sojourn to the LA Film Festival was fun, and while I didn't make it, I heard the Germs - Pat, Lorna and Don, with actor Shane West - played in the Village. I must say, for the longest time I've lamented to any and all how ironic it is that LA is the movie capital of the world and yet we have no - and never have had - a world class film fest. (Ah, Filmex, recuerdo, yo recuerdo) That's slowly changing for the better, with Silverlake really coming on strong and the LA Film Fest now doing some very positive things.

And ending on a positive note, sometime later Cooky mentioned that she would have liked to been around LA during the punk era. I asked why, and she said that it seemed fun and interesting. That compared to the mersh crap going on now it was real.

I just smiled and told her that while there was plenty of goofy stuff, it was fun.