Wednesday, April 25, 2007

People try & put us down (talkin' 'bout my generation)

Toussaint wrote about the Ali quote I posted yesterday.

On 4/25/07, Toussaint wrote:

Our generation cared more. Yeah, we did get high and wanted to feel good but that wasn't all that we did. We didn't take any shit. If it was a weapon of mass diversion, we called it thus. We were willing to take the tear gas and get our heads busted to change things.

I'm still wondering how this guy can still be in office and not be charged of war crimes. Maybe if he was having an affair with an intern then people this generation would be more interested. Where is Ken Starr?

jp replies:

i used to get mad at the succeeding generations, but my thinking's evolved since then. i blame us.

let's face it; we succumbed to the ultimate drug, more powerful than any religion or any fine booty: CREDIT.

marx was wrong, dead wrong. but then again, so was every economist. they could have NEVER foreseen the world of neo-colonialism spawned by global capitalism, simply because there was no precedent. "outsourcing" wasn't even a concept, much less a practice. and credit cards were still a ways off.

so while i salute the boomers, i also chastise them - the ultimate sell-outs!!! as i say: we can have all of the war crimes and dirty dealings these days, but it doesn't matter to a nation that's self-absorbed, comfortable and ignorant. as long as they have their mcdonald's, suvs and cable tv, they can absorb insane amounts of pain.

you wanna see a REAL revolt?

take away their cable tv and pizza delivery on super bowl sunday and watch what happens - there'll be blood in the streets.