Saturday, February 17, 2007

"What's troubling is the gap between the magnitude of our challenges and the smallness of our politics," Barack Obama said.

Since Barack is now gathering heat, I thought it was interesting that he's still way behind Hilary amongst blacks. So during poker last night I took an informal poll of my black brothas and sistas. Here're some of their distilled remarks.

Marie: Why is it that the media thinks blacks just blindly follow someone based upon their color?

Lisa: The Clintons are already black, they just have white skin.
jp: So you're getting two for one?
Lisa: Exactly.

Dave: I think he's just not as well-known.
jp: Even with all of the media hype going on now?
Dave: Probably.

Les: zzzzz...

Beth: zzzzz...

Lillard: zzzzz...

For those who saw the Obama 60 Minutes interview last week, I thought the most poignant moment came when Steve Kroft posed the uncomfortable question to Barack's wife, Michelle, asking if she fretted about the possibility of some wacko shooting Barack.

Michelle: (paraphrased) Barack's a black man in America... he can get shot just walking to the store.

Aside from her poise, what immediately struck me was how, to some, namely the privileged white masses and their colonized clones, that can be an enormously inflammatory statement, but I think it succinctly illustrates the differing American world views.

This is something I believe I touched upon in an earlier post about the recent superbowl being coached by two black brothas. Before the game, this fact was a main talking point amongst the sports journalism cognoscenti, and Dave asked me if I'd heard local sports jock Tony Bruno's take on it.

jp: No, what'd he say, something stupid?
Dave: He said that until someone mentioned the fact that two black coaches (Lovee Smith and Tony Dungy) were in the Super Bowl, he hadn't thought of it. He then said that that must be a sign of progress. You know, "I'm color blind," blah blah blah.
jp: Well, he said that because he's not a mud peep.

Honestly, white liberals are some of the biggest pains in the scrotum, surpassed only by the evil white devils. In some ways, their world views are the most insidious because their modus operandi is goodwill.

That's twisted.